What's in a chair?
You have hopes, dreams, plans and
expectations. Sometimes life has
a way of sidetracking those plans.
Disappointment along with other
thoughts, feelings and behaviors can
create roadblocks on your path.
We all have experienced some kind of
loss in our lives; some losses can be
devastating and stop us in our tracks.
Emotional and psychological pain
can be immobilizing, generating fear,
stress, anxiety and other impediments
to healthy living. Daily functioning
can feel like mere survival. How we
deal with our losses is individual and
very personal.
These are times that need not be
faced alone.
Don‘t be afraid to
ask for help.
That’s when it’s important to reach
out to someone who can help,
someone who can understand and
empathize with what you are going
through and who can listen without
judgment or bias.
It can be very beneficial to have
collaborative conversations with
someone who is knowledgeable and
experienced in facilitating resolution
to your specific issues.
Rita Morgan, MA, LMHC  -  Psychotherapy / Loss Counseling - 30 West 70th Street, Suite 1C - New York NY 10023 - 212.579.1000 - rxtherapy@gmail.com

Rising above life’s
I provide a comforting environment
where together we can explore the
many paths of your journey. You will
have a safe place to bring your pain,
your secrets, your thoughts and
feelings; where I can draw from my
experiences with others who have
gone through turmoil and help you
as I have helped them.
With my training in psychology
and many years of experience as a
licensed mental health practitioner
— specializing in grief and loss — I
can help you reclaim your authentic
self. Together we can find a path that
leads to relief, to hope and to possibility.
You can reduce the stress in your life,
resolve difficult issues, and heal.
Some patients’ thoughts:
“I learned that the committee in my
head was run by the same person,
me. Rita helped me to stop being in
judgment of myself.”
Jessica L.
“We collaborate about my life and
where I am going. She keeps me on
the path.”
Mark S.
“I was able to tell my deepest, darkest
secrets, and never felt judged.”
Marina S.
For more than 20 years Rita Morgan
has served as a grief counselor, group
facilitator, instructor and supervisor
in the field of mental health. She is
licensed as a New York State mental
health practitioner and graduated
with an MA in applied psychology
from New York University.
Rita has chosen to specialize in grief,
loss and bereavement. She has a
private practice in individual adult
psychotherapy, couples counseling
and grief counseling.
Rita is a member of the American
Psychological Association and the
NYU Alumni Association
Rita Morgan, MA, LMHC
Grief counseling / Psychotherapy
30 West 70th Street, Suite 1C
New York NY 10023

There’s no right way or wrong way to
experience grief and loss. Here are some
of the symptoms. Your reactions may be
different and that’s OK.
• Anger and resentment
• Shock
• Heartbreak
• Numbness
• Guilt and self-blame
• Shame and embarrassment
• Fear and anxiety
• Withdrawal and isolation
• Depression
• Feeling betrayed
• Sleep and appetite disturbances
• Lethargy
• Low self-worth
• Sadness or “the blues”
The majority of my patients are dealing
with grief, loss and pain related to:
• Death of a loved one
• Miscarriage / stillbirth / abortion
• Separation / divorce
• Relationship expectations
• Disappointments
• Childhood & adult abuse and neglect
° Health & medical issues
• Trauma / sudden & chronic
Rita's Therapist Chair has been featured in the New York Times.