For more than 20 years Rita has served as a counselor, group facilitator, instructor and supervisor in the field of mental health. 
Rita's own losses and renewals have given her the compassion and experience to work with an assortment of modalities to meet individual needs.  Her passion for growth and personal development generates an environment to achieve successful results.
Licensed as a New York State Mental Health practitioner, she graduated with an MA in Applied Psychology.  Rita received her degree from New York University.
As a former Wall Street financial planner, Rita works well with executives and high pressure career individuals, understanding their lives and associated stresses.

We all have experienced some kind of loss in our lives; some losses can be devastating and grief can stop us in our tracks.
 Emotional and psychological pain is sometimes immobilizing, generating fear, stress, anxiety and other impediments to healthy living. Daily functioning can feel like mere survival. How we deal with our losses (grief or otherwise) is individual and very personal.
 These are times that need not be faced alone. For Grief Counseling contact me directly at             (212) 579-1000      .
I specialize in working with corporate and financial executives. My work on wall street availed me the understanding of the pressures associated with this level of career development. Private and Confidential.
*** Skype Viideo conferencing sessions in the privacy of your own home or office available.
I provide a comforting environment where together we can explore the many paths of your journey. You will have a safe place to bring your pain, your secrets, your thoughts and
 feelings; where I can draw from my experiences with others who have gone through turmoil and help you, as I have helped them. With my training in psychology and many years of experience as a licensed mental health practitioner — specializing in grief and loss — I can help you reclaim your authentic self. Together we can find a path that leads to relief, to hope and to possibility. You can reduce the stress in your life, resolve difficult issues, and heal.
For more than 20 years I have served as a counselor, group facilitator, instructor and supervisor in the field of mental health. Although my clients issues' vary on many levels, my passion lies in helping people overcome grief and bereavement. My own losses and renewals have led my achievements as a grief counselor. 

I specialize in grief, loss and bereavement. My private practice caters to individual adult psychotherapy, couples counseling
 and grief counseling. Specializing in Corporate Executives via Skype conferencing sessions.
Groups and Associations:
Member of the American Psychological Association and the
 NYU Alumni Association
American Psychotherapy Association 

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